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Unlimited Traffic1 Onlines Unlimited Traffic1 Onlines 1.5G Traffic/Monthly 1 Onlines 5G Traffic/Monthly1 Onlines 10G Traffic/Monthly 1 Onlines
Semi-Annually save 20% off Semi-Annually save 20% off Semi-Annually save 20% off Semi-Annually save 20% off Semi-Annually save 20% off
Annually save 40% off
two years save 50%,Five years save 50% off
Ten years save 70%,only VIP4
Annually save 40% off Annually save 40% off Annually save 40% off
*The most favorable Plan Discounts are relative to monthly purchases,The price shown is on sale。

Purchase information

1. No refund will be made once sold.

Please confirm that your network can use PPTP protocol, L2TP protocol, OPENVPN, SSTP and other protocols to connect VPN server before purchasing. If you can't use it, please do not purchase, so as to avoid the loss.

2. The payment method can be paid by alipay, PayPal, online banking, and credit card which has been paid online

Automatic service after payment.

3. Trial plan

New registered users can be given a free trial for a day and will be limited to server status during the trial.

4. Onlines

Number of connections: the number of devices connected to a VPN in the same account, and multiple connections to support multiple devices in the same account while connecting to a VPN. It is suitable for users to use multiple devices.

5. Unlimited traffic plan

Based on the principle of fair use, unlimited traffic, it is to point to in under the condition of normal use, not restricted, don't have to consider more than to do, as a general users do not need to consider more than I do, absolutely guarantee enough. But not include the following: the secondary flow in a P2P software use, a large number of video download, gateway devices, send spam, every day should not exceed the limit of 10 g (the equivalent of VIP3 members a month flow limit), corporate users click here.
What if I exceed? Rest assured, as long as you are normal use, your account will be automatically restored the next day, instead of waiting until next month.

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